About the Christian Outreach Justice Mission

Motto:Changing Lives. Building Communities. Reaching Nations

The Christian Outreach Justice Mission - Sierra Leone is a human rights Christian charitable organization which was formed about a decade ago by well-meaning Sierra Leoneans to serve humanity for their holistic development and build their communities through the creation of opportunities to make a living meaningful for the people regardless of where they live.
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Christian Outreach Justice Mission - Sierra Leone is registered with the Ministries of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs, Finance and Economic Development, and hence it is a non partisan or non political organization. We are committed to supporting and working in Human and Community development areas like Education, Health, Shelter, Agriculture, Skills training, Micro financing, Relief assistance, Human rights and Justice. Other areas include Peace and human rights education, health education, recreation and sports. We also promote and engage in work camps, internships, volunteer and exchange programs at home and abroad. The approach for our services is holistic and not discriminating on the basis of religion, ethnicity, nationality, colour, belief and sexual orientation. For that matter, we serve the children, youths, women, disabled, adults and the aged.

Pastor K. B. Alfred

As one of the surviving six children of subsistence farmer parents, I was fortunate that my parents, though Muslim by birth, respected my choice and sent me to a Roman Catholic Primary School.  At the age of 15, this was a turning point in my life.  After three years at school, missionaries, including the American Peace Corps, took over my education onto the completion of college at the then then Institute of Public Administration And Management.


This created my deep desire to help others and our communities.  I passionately pursued both academic and personal studies, and worked with the aged, handicapped, and impoverished street children along with various social services providing institutions in Freetown for a number of years to help other as I have been helped.  I understood that without outside assistance, I, and other like me would have no opportunity to get educated.

We work hard to improve life for our community. 

With your help, we could do so much more!

Meet Pastor Peter K. B. Alfred

Our Activities

With funds from various sources, we have during the past years undertaken rehabilitation, construction, and health clinics, in areas such as Western Urban, Rural District and provincial towns and cities...

PARTNER Programs

We're continually working hard to improve communities throughout the state. If you're interested to see what we've been doing recently (especially if you want to help), check out our project list.

Mission & Vision

We envision a world where disadvantaged groups including children, youths, women, disabled and more receive maximum attention of the people and those institutions providing care, services and support to help ...

 Our current most pressing need is: MEDICAL SUPPLIES

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