You can become our partner and support any of these worthy causes below:

Humanitarian and Community Development:

This sector deals with Relief, Education, Health, Water systems, Toilets construction and rehabilitation, Agriculture, functional skills training etc.

Gender and Human Rights:

Advocates for and promotes Human Rights, Social and Economic justice, women Empowerment, Youths employment, Human Rights Education, Peace and Health Education, Community Safety and Environmental Protection etc.

Construction and Consultancy Services:

It deals with construction services as road works, Infrastructural development, surveys, Project Development and more.

Capacity Building:

This sector seeks support for training of their personnel for efficiency in performance to produce positive results. It further seeks organizational capacity building assistance in the form of materials and logistics to enhance the administration. The material assistance includes computers, laptops, cameras, video cameras, printers, projectors, vehicles, ambulances and more.

Businesses and Volunteer Opportunities:

It promotes businesses and therefore seek for partners within and outside the country for meaningful investments which own proceeds will be ploughed back into the organization to help it expand and sustain its programs. Whereas we seek for volunteers nationally and internationally to participate with us in rebuilding Sierra Leone and service the people.

Information and Communication Systems:

This  sector seek to establish community radio, television programs and other means for engaging and educating the public on Comin-SL programs relevant to national development.

Partner With Us

The Christian Outreach Justice Mission - Sierra Leone exists to meet the needs of the people and create the social and economic opportunities in the communities they live for their holistic development through relief assistance, education, health, shelter, water services, toilets construction, skills training, agriculture and micro financing . As such, we work to promote human rights, peace, recreation, sports, social and economic justice of the people. We also promote and engage in work camps, internships, volunteer and exchange programs. 

In this regard, we seek to partner with you in one or more of the areas mentioned to help Sierra Leone and her people.  To this end, please tell us more about your current activities, key focus and area(s) you would like to work with us on.

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 Our current most pressing need is: MEDICAL SUPPLIES ($4,490)

Below find the names and contacts of our friends, local and international partners who are pleased to provide you with any reference you may require on our behalf.

  • Ousman Kamara (Missionary) - 
  • Joseph Anthony Opala              - 
  • Sarah Wilkinson                        - 
  • Joseph Ngoniyela Kobba         - 

As you care to cooperate with us on this urgent matter, please reach us at the contacts above. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you in advance and God bless