Activities undertaken

  • Rehabilitated, constructed and equipped schools.

  • ​Rehabilitated, constructed and operated community health clinic with resident nurses engaged by the organization.

  • Assisted disadvantaged school going children with scholarships covering school fees, books, bags, shoes, uniforms etc.

  • Supplied books to schools and colleges.

  • Undertaken health education programs in schools and communities.

  • Hosted, hosts and sends volunteers on assignments nationally and internationally.

  • Organized Treats, Sports and Recreational events for children and youngsters.

  • Undertaken community safety and environmental protection programs.

  • ​Constructed and equiped multi-purpose skills training workshop for polio victims and other welfare services for disabled persons.

  • Worked on prison issues, with prisoners and rehabilitated several ex-combatants of post conflict Sierra Leone for re-integration and career development.

  • Undertaken peace, health and human rights education with youths, children and families.

  • Constructed water wells and toilets for deprived communities.

  • Undertaken HIV/AIDS community sensitization programs with high risk vulnerable groups like commercial sex workers, youths etc.

  • Supported disadvantaged youths and women in farming and cash crop production with food for work.

  • ​Provided humanitarian assistance to disadvantaged groups and institutions.

 Our current most pressing need is: MEDICAL SUPPLIES

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Independant Auditor's Report

March 14th, 2012


With funds from various sources, we have during these years undertaken one or more activities in the Western Urban, Western Rural District and provincial towns and cities like PortLoko, Thonkolili, Moyamba, Bo, Kenema and Kailahun in the North, South and East of Sierra Leone through the various units outlined therein.